Reiki and Shiatsu   

Articles from the world of Reiki, Shiatsu, health and spiritual way.

What is it Reiki?

I would like to introduce Reiki to you.

Reiki is loving, infinite, universal life energy for me. Reiki is power for me, that helps me calm down, stop, perceive and feel what's going on inside and outside of my body.  Reiki is deeply intelligent and incredibly subtle creature for me....

What is it Shiatsu?

I would like to introduce one more candidate for health improvement to you. It is Shiatsu.

For me Shiatsu is amazing method, to awaken the body. Shiatsu is time fully and consciously given to my body. It is time to care for my body and myself. It is a stop and gaining strength for me. Shiatsu is real prevention for me.  Shiatsu is the way to the full health .....

The secret, how to gain energy on hot summer days!

13 tips what to eat in hot summer for your refreshment and gaining energy.

The kidneys and our inner life power.

What will help our kidneys and our life-giving Essence in winter and what will hurt them? How to replenish kidney energy? How to gain great inner strength at the turn of January and February?