What is it Shiatsu?

What is it Shiatsu?

I would like to introduce one more candidate for health improvement to you. It is Shiatsu.

Only a few people around me knew the word Reiki. I have to tell you: not a few but minimum people know the word Shiatsu.  And you see Shiatsu is invaluable treasure on the way to health!

Let's go.

What is Shiatsu for me?

For me Shiatsu is amazing method, to awaken the body.

Shaitsu is for me wonderful release and emptying of the backpack, which the most of us carry on our backs. I'm serious.

You see, the majority of people in our civilization carry a large backpack on their back every day. They always complement it. When you go hiking, you take your backpack. You know how many kilograms you have in your backpack and you know how much you can carry on your back. The backpack is somehow lighter at the beginning of the hike. The backpack gets heavier at the end of your hike. Even if you drank water and ate the snack. But at the end, you will come home and take off the backpack. That's a sudden relief, isn't it!

And now, please imagine, you carry this backpack on your back every day. But you don't take it off when you come home. The backpack is full of emotions. There are anger, remorse, insults, upset, daily stress, negative thoughts that are going through your head. The backpack is full of your daily worries or fears... In addition, it is not easy to take off this backpack, because you don't know about it or notice it! Because the backpack is not visible! Because you can't weigh it. You don't know how many kilograms you carry on your back. And this is , sorry for the word a fine mess...

People begin to carry this backpack, when they grow up slowly from childhood. The backpack is as light as a feather at the begining. We don't even know about it. But the backpack is starting to be filled as we grow up, as we meet reality and sink into worries, work and daily routines. Anger, loss, upset come from time to time.... and the backpack is getting full slowly. Day after day. And suddenly you realize that your are tired, that you back is starting to hurt. You realize that you feel, that you have gone a long hike and you carry huge backpack that cannot be taken off.

We take this huge backpack and we empty it on Shiatsu massage. It will be good for your better breathing and lighter walking.

Shiatsu is time fully and consciously given to my body. It is time to care for my body and myself. It is a stop and gaining strength for me. It is the balancing of things that I have thrown away with my emotions or bad food.

Shiatsu is real prevention for me.  When we take it as prevention, we work just on matters which are energetically disbalanced. The disbalance in energy can be corrected by Shiatsu. And the disease may not manifest in the physical body at all.  Or in other words - the problem has been overcome and corrected before anything actualy hurts.

What does this mean in reality? A person feels completely healthy and he/she is also healthy from the medical point of view. He only sometimes hurts or annoys himself. And he thinks: "It is normal to feel healthy and painless, even if the pains are occasional." And he starts doing something with himself and comes to Shiatsu massage. On Shiatsu, we can see a slight disbalance somewhere , using Chinese diagnostics, and we will balance it. Even before anything starts to hurt. So, that is real prevention for me.

Shiatsu is the way to the full health for me.

When I see clients , who came to me and couldn't move and after regular Shiatsu massages they move again. People, who are under eternal stress and pressure at work, slowly relax or at least regularly come to lighten their backpack. People, who cannot sleep well for a long time, usually fall asleep and sleep all night after Shiatsu massage. People, who have a long-term and chronic problems on their body or soul, are getting better after Shiatsu.  Slowly, step by step - not by shock. You know, someone has been carrying his problems for years or even decades. Then it is not possible that everything goes away after the first massage.

What a beauty to hear and see that!  That's why I enjoy Shiatsu and I like working with it.

So, what is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a type of massage which comes from Japan .

Shiatsu means finger pressure, in accurate translation.

The word and name Shiatsu has been used since 1915. But this massage has been used for thousands of years and its roots date back to the begining of traditional Chinese medicine. So, it is nothing new.

Shiatsu works with the energetic tracks of the human body, called meridians. Therapist works with finger pressure at absolutely precised points on these tracks. The points are called acupuncture points.The therapist stimulates the points with his fingers and balances the energy flow through the path at the same time. This activates the tracks and self - healing system of the human body. At the same time cleaning of body starts ( i.e. empting the backpack which I spoke about at the  beginning. ) and stretching the necessary parts of body.

Shiatsu  is held on tatami (soft boards on the floor, that warm up and don't let the cold and moisture from the floor come to you) and futon  ( comfortable "soft" mattress).  The client is dressed in sweatpants and T-shirt to make him feel free while stretching.

Shiatsu is not only massage. The therapist can recommend a diet change, show you excercises that you can do at home and that will help you.  The therapist can also accompany you on your journey for a while. The therapist can help you to discover what is the cause of your health problem and how to work on the cause so that the problem does not repeat. The therapist can help you to find your bad habits and advise you on how to change them for the better ones. And it is absolutely up to you, whether you use the help or not.

After Shiatsu massage, the body usually begins to clean and get rid of the biggest impurities and poisons, that a person has been carrying time in its body for a long. After Shiatsu it is necessary to drink a lot of water ( not alcohol) to get everything washed away.

Shiatsu helps you with back and musculosceletal pain (spine, joints - shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles,...). It will help you if you suffer from constant stress and insomnia. If you are still wind up and angry and you are tired of it. It will help in chronic fatigue, when you get up in the morning beaten up or when your legs are heavy and you just pull them behind you. It helps you when you have chronic gynecological problems, chronic constipation or other chronic things. It will help you with most of the problems, which you have already visited a doctor with but it has not improved yet. Shiatsu will slowly balance everything.

I love Shiatsu, because it looks at human in a complex way and solves the causes of the problems. Shiatsu does not treat - only the symptoms and pains which you have.

I wish you to try Shiatsu, solve your problems and start to feel your body and soul more.

I wish you health, joy and playfulness on your journey through life.


If you wish, you can order Shiatsu treatment here:  https://blankaheltova.cz/objednavka-shiatsu/