The secret, how to gain energy on hot summer days!

13 tips what to eat in hot summer for your refreshment and gaining energy.

Holidays and vacations are here!


Summer has already been here for a few weeks. Especially the sun and high warm temperatures.

The summer for our biological body already started on June 4, 2019.

And astronomical summer started  on 21st June by Midsummer.

However, the summer will be here almost until the end of August.  And this is quite a long time to get the most energy and not to lose it by our behavior or bad eating habits.

According to the Chinese medicine, the element of fire rules the whole summer. Sometimes it can be so strong and hot, as we could see in the last 2-3 weeks.

The special attention must be paid to your heart, small intestine, heart protector and whole termoregulation in this period. These organs shouldn't be overloaded.

At the same time, I think it will be absolutely natural change in our diet in summer. You don't have to be  any expert in Chinese medicine and you certainly understand, that  if you eat a long hot broth , pork or sirloin with dumplings and you drink the beer after it,  it's not the best for you to shine and have enough energy.  Rather you will fall on the couch and you will sleep.  That is the better case. In the other - worse case, you will go to the office, you will watch computer and you couldn't do anything. After this, you have to have a cup of coffee  and maybe you will start working...

Someone will do it vice versa, because they understand, that they need to cool down in hot days.  They leave out all the cooked meal and they will eat only cold salat, drink only cold  drinks with ice and they mix ice cream and sorbet as wonderful cooling.

I'm sorry friends, but even this is not the right way for hot summer days...

So, how to cool down, don't hurt yourself and be still full of energy?

In the summer we will surely lighten the diet. We will prefer cooling food, but we will not forget about cooked meals! They are very important for our  digestion.  Such a spleen dispense with warm meals. And when you will give her everything only cool,  your bloated belly will show you sooner or later  how wrong you are. And in case you aren't supprised, than you feel uselessly tired.  In the end you could be already supprised - why I'm so tired when I eat "healthy"?

Another thing we should change a little in summer are our activities.  It's fine to lie on a beach in hot weather, have a drink and don't move. Just as it's good to work in air conditioned office during whole summer - I feel good there... And than to drive home in air conditioned car  where is the air conditioning on too... - and you will not see the sun whole the summer. Unfortunately, neither option will add you any energy, which you should have from the summer.

What to do and not to do, what to eat and not to eat in summer?

1/ Eat vegetable and salads, especially vegetables that grow up now in your local place. Cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce and romaine lettuce, radish, avocado, mung beans. You can also include cauliflower, eggplant, broccoli, parsnip, artichokes, celery, peppers,...

2/ Enjoy seasonal fruits, that are just ripening - to one's hearts content 🙂 Rhubarb, blueberries,  currants, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, gooseberries, oranges, lemons, melons, apples, pears, bananas, mangoes, papayas, pinapples, kiwis...

I would like to add another very important thing, to these 2 points above.  We don't speak about it a lot, but it has long been researched and known in scientific "circles.  If you have the chance, eat fresh vegetables and fruits as often as possible.  The freshest is the one which is picked directly from the tree or bush.  I know, it is hard task, in our fast time with hypermarkets, but as one proverb says  : "Everything is impossible just until you decide to do it." 🙂

And why?

Because we are originally light being and the light is vital for us. Maybe, you will not believe it, but it is. I don't have space here to speak about it - we will learn it on Reiki 1 seminars. In any case, the light and the sun are essential for us.  You know, that in the dark winter days we desire for sunshine from our whole heart. And in the spring together with the sun we really come to life...

Lots of sunlight reaches us through the skin and eyes. Unfortunately I see very often, people putting on black sunglasses with the first sun rays. And in the hot summer we use  a lot of sunscreen with the highest protection factor available. And nothing will penetrate to us. 🙁 Than there the food is left only at the least.

Vegetable and fruits absorb a lot of sun light  and a lot of energy. Thus it supplies energy from the sun to our body,  which some people are so resistant.  But there is one catch.  The longer vegetables and fruits are stored, on the way, sitting in the crates and on the shelves, frozen and otherwise conserved, they lose most of their original light and energy. And we eat only mass than, which just fills us up. And than we could say to us how seper healthily we eat...

Please, try to think about it.

I grow some things in my garden, some of them I have from my parent's garden and some of them I buy at the markets, where I know the fruits and vegetables were harvested in the morning or the day before and they give me enough energy.   At the same time I eat some herbs just from the meadow , where I stroll sometimes.  🙂

3/ Use fresh herbs to flavor your meals - dandelion ( its leaves will wonderfully replace the rucola ), mint ( lemonade and tea cools you beautifully), tarragon, sage, red clover ( the red one - it cleans blood and lymph),... When you add hot herbs to cold salads (hot herbs by its nature, not cooked) as basil, marjoran, rosemary, chives, thyme, oregano, then the cold salads will be a little warmer and more easily digestible.

4/ Warm vegetable - only slightly cooked and fried. The same as vegetable soup, we cooked them for a very short time in the summer. We can use cold southern soups (likes gazpacho). Then briefly stewed vegetables and vegetable risotto.  The fruit stews compote serves well to their purpose.  These things will help so much to our spleen and give the important and high quality internal fluids to our body. Which protects us from self- drying.

5/ Please use the seaweed, if you like it  - hijiki, kombu, nori and wakame. They are cold and contain a lot of minerals, that we lose in hot summer faster.

6/ Green tea. Maybe you will be suprised now, but I like drinking lukewarm green tea in the summer. It cools and it is powerful antioxidant.  It will kick you off, give you energy, help you with digesting ( it's commonly used for meals in China and Japan) and it cools you. In addition some studies have shown that the green tea slows down cell aging. ( Beware - don't use it in huge quantities, because it partly dries  and don't use it in winter, because it cools us.)

7/ Milk and dairy products. Milk is not an easy food today.  Milk cools down our body, therefore it's good for hot summer. The sour products are the best. BUT: milk must not be homogenized and only from one or two cows. The white mixture from hundreds to thousands of cows is the worst. There is nothing good in milk any more.  So, now you can understand  why I told - Milk is not an easy food.... Where would an ordinary urban human find non-homogenized milk from one cow? And cow must graze in clean environment and on green meadow!!!...

 8/ Please try to replace quantity with quality.  Today's society prefers: especially a lot of things for the least money. It's fine. Unfortunately, you will have to be content to eat only matter without any energy. It will get you into an unpleasant carousel.  You have to eat really a lot, to have some energy and not to be tired.  But this is the way to increasing weight and obesity, that rules the world today.

If you eat less and the food has a lot of light and energy, than you will not need to eat so much...

9/ Mineral water ( they provide to body with the necessary minerals. The body loses these minerals more quickly in hot weather.),  standing tap water, water with herbs, water with lemon, orange or cucumber. Water from natural spring is the best. But I understand, it's not easy to find it.

10/ Be of a good cheer!  If you can work with Reiki, you can to add energy to your food and water, by your hands! Don't hesitate, it's great and I use it very often. I give energy to my water every day. And I give energy to my meal, when I am in restaurants. I don't know there which food was my meal prepared from.

11/ And we will stay with Reiki for a while. You can get charged with very strong Reiki energy every day. Especialy if you don't have access to good quality food and you know how to work with Reiki. If you still don't know how to work with Reiki , you can learn it on Reiki 1 seminar. It's not hard to learn it. You only need to find a good teacher. Or you can  come to Reiki treatment . Please order here:

12/ What to do on hot summer day without any doubts  - run away from the city to the water or to the countryside. Natural water - as streams, rivers, waterfalls, sea, oceans -  will give you incredible amount of energy. But only if you forget about computer and mobile phone and you will really enjoy the summer and your holidays.

13/ Try to escape from the airconditioning. If you work in air-conditioned  office, be there for as short time as possible.  And set the air conditioner about 5-7°C lower than the outside temperature as maximum. Air conditioning dries you, it sucks natural wet from the air and also dries your lungs. And if the air conditioning was set to very low temperature, our body doesn't like it and most people will get sick from it. Permanent cough and running nose.

What to definitely miss out on hot summer days?

- heavy, fatty and long cooked meals. The longer the food is cooked, baked,... it will have more heat inside and it will transfer it to you.

- all fried and frozen meal. And meals heated in the microwave....

- forget about ice drinks or ice cubes in your drinks. They are perfectly cold and they cool you down for a few minutes. But after this you will feel hotter than before and you will need more and more cold drinks.  Your digestion will cool down more and will solidify. Your neck will not be happy as well, especialy if you are prone to colds. But your body will still warm up ... If you don't believe me, try it and see what will happen. And then try to drink lukewarm green tea the next day... 🙂

- skip high spirits. The beer, light white wine and prosecco will cool you down pleasantly. But it's necessary to drink it reasonably and not in the direct sunlight.

- be careful with hot meals. They can really make you hot. On the other hand, when you stay in countries with not fully established hygiene, the hot meals are required there. Hot meal disinfects and cleans... Unfortunately you will be warm.


I think that's enough. Let us not make it unnecessarily scientific.

Simplicity is powerful, especially in summer! Play and explore.

I wish you wonderful summer with a lot of sun, energy, joy, light and Love. Love also fully belongs to the summer, so enjoy it as much as you can...

Blanka 🙂