The kidneys and our inner life power.

We are at the turn of January and February. This is as very powerful season and if we use it properly, we will gain a great inner power.

This is the time when the freezing lady of winter is still in rule, but life is beginning to be ready everywhere under the surface. This is the time from which you can get the most power for the whole year. It could be compared with mother time,  who is already getting ready for the birth of her child. It is the end of the Water element season. Water that gives a new life.

Kidneys are our basis and we need to care about them very well in this season.

Kidneys determine our growth, our development, our fertility. They decide whether we will have enough energy or we will be tired and without energy and feeling to do something. They influence our bones and our teeth. Whether our bones and teeth are firm and healthy. Or if they break in every opportunity.   Our hair and hearing are also dependent on them. They affect our brain and memory.

Kidneys give us the will-power. Will to overcome obstacles and pursue your goal. Just like water, which tumbles a stone for years and creates a path in the place, where it was not before and no one would even expect it there.

Our Essence is saved  in kidneys. You could say our life. The length and quality of our lives. Our foundation. The ancient Chinese said that we obtained Essence from our parents and gradually exhausted it during our lives. When the Essence is emptied, our life will end.

However, the Essence is not invariable. We can support it and supplement it with what we do, what we eat, how we think,… We can use it up more quickly to take it out of indiscriminate behavior or, conversely, supplement it. And in this period, at the turn of January and February, we can supplement it the most during the year.

What can we do for our kidneys and Essence?

Relax as much as possible and be calm and in harmony.

Try to include a moment of relaxation, meditation in your daily routine or just relax and be with yourself for a while. You can walk through your whole day. You can enjoy relaxing music and just lie and listen for a while. You can perceive your body - what does it tell you? In meditation you can deliberately cleanse or shower with Light and Love. (This is what we learn at Reiki seminars, but you can do it even if you have not worked with Reiki yet.)

Keep warm and warm mainly the lumbar spine and legs area. This means no short T-shirts and free back and tummy. It may be nice, seductive, but it doesn't add much to our kidneys. As well as amazing sneakers and low socks that you can see your ankles now in winter. It's IN, but your kidneys and your bones don't like it.

Sleep well. If circumstances allow, lie down when you feel it. During this period you should not go to bed later than at 11pm. Better before.

Eat regularly and eat warm meals.

Long broths (i.e. meat or bones cooked for more than 6 hours) are excellent for replenishing the kidney energy. The best are chicken broths (but find some outside the hypermarket, really good quality, which ran for a year on the lawn ...) And you can make soup from these broths or just warm it to put into a cup and drink it in the morning, or even during the day.

Warm vegetables. Be sure to forget cold salads and salad bowls in the cold winter season. Especially women do not eat cold and raw vegetables during this period. Why women? Because they mostly try to lose weight, they make a New Year's resolution and cold raw vegetables completely cool the whole organism. They may lose weight, but fatigue and exhaustion will come soon after, because the digestive system needs to warm up during this period.

And what to imagine under warm vegetables? Cooked and baked vegetables in all possible ways. And there are no limits to imagination or creativity. It can only be steamed. It stays nicely crisp but passed through the heat, which would be added to your body. Steam boiled  vegetables are also excellent.

And what kinds of vegetables? Especially carrots, parsley, parsnip, celery, beetroot, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower. You can also add onions and garlic.

Kidneys love beans. It's not just that the beans are exactly kidney-shaped. They must be boiled for a long time and therefore they give the kidneys the power they need. And today we have a lot of beans to choose from. Large white, speckled or red. Adzuki and mung beans. Different kinds of small beans. Just be careful - I don't mean green beans here.

And you can add lentils (classic, red, black) and chickpeas to the beans for winter.

Other food that will keep you warm are buckwheat and hail. I like hail in winter. They can be mixed with vegetables, peas or lentils, but also with good roasted meat. In addition, hail is excellent for your intestines.

Wallnuts heat the lower part of the abdomen. It is not coincidence that they have the shape of a brain and thus support our brain and memory. Just please eat them in moderation. You do not have to eat the whole bag daily. Just 5 - 10 nuts a day.

For this period Chinese include a lot of seaweed and miso paste, which you can easily make a delicious soup from.

I personally like masala / yogi tea and ginger tea with honey in this cold season. Just watch out here. Both are very strong and hot. If you are a person who is always hot, sweat and has inner heat inside, or you have high blood pressure, use these teas very carefully!

And I will rather tell you what not to eat in this cold winter.

Large amount of raw fruits. Mainly citrus. I guess I surprised you. Yes they contain a lot of vitamin C (but you can also get it from sauerkraut) but they cool down the body a lot and quickly.

Just take it logically: where are citrus grown? - In southern areas where it is always hot. And why are they grown there? - So that the people living there can cool and refresh. Mother Nature has arranged it for us. But if we bring them to an area where temperatures are below zero and it's cold everywhere - what do they do with us? - They cool us down. And we do not need it in the winter. Mother Nature gave us apples and pears, which are a great warm compote with cloves and cinnamon. Then we have prunes, dried apricots, dried pumpkins and lots of seeds. If you have not tried dried pumpkin yet, then I highly recommend it to you. It is absolutely excellent and I will not let it happen.

Another thing that does not help us in the cold season is a lot of sugar, cold dairy products and alcohol. Beware of green tea - even hot wakes you, but by its nature cools you down.

And what else is good for kidneys?

Pleasant hot / warm bath and can be with salt. Just lie still in a bathtube full of warm water, it is a ballad. The skin will eliminate a lot of toxic substances. And your entire body will be beautifully relaxed and warm.

Shiatsu, where the therapist directly treats and complements your kidney tracks. What  Shiatsu is you can read in my article here And you can order a Shiatsu massage at:

Energy for your center is also provided by regular Tai Chi or Qing Gong exercises.

You can go to a Reiki massage, which also replenishes the kidney energy. You can order a Reiki massage here:

And those of you who use Reiki daily, give yourself more energy directly to your kidneys this winter. And those of you who would like to learn it (because everyone can learn), simply register for the Reiki 1 seminar here:

Finally, the most important thing. The kidneys love Love. Love and kind hug. Have harmonious and loving relationships. If you have a relationship of tension, rage and Love disappeared somewhere, then your kidneys suffer greatly. There is  no loving embrace.

I wish you beautiful winter days full of secrets. Because winter is a period of mystery, just before spring is born.